Man Cooks Up Wife's Placenta With Breakfast, Says It Tastes Like Bad Pork

“Nine months in the cooking and about 10 minutes in the eating."

The afterbirth left an aftertaste.

A British man recently posted a video of himself eating his wife’s placenta ― both raw and cooked. (Watch above.)

(Warning: Some of the photos below are graphic.)

Now Ross Watson is not only the proud father of a baby boy named Lachlan, but he’s a gone-viral epicurean with important knowledge of how the placenta tastes.

In the Sept. 24-posted clip, Lachlan declares the placenta is “definitely better cooked.” Watson takes a few forkfuls of beans to make it go down easier.

“Nine months in the cooking and about 10 minutes in the eating,” he quips. “Cheers.”

Watson later told the show “This Morning” (in video below) the proposed stunt began as a “laugh” but he followed through. He said the placenta was juicy once it was cooked and was similar to liver with more of a rough texture. As for a specific flavor, Watson compared it to “possibly a bad cut of pork.”

His wife Heather said she was “disgusted at first but it’s just Ross.”

Some people believe that eating the placenta may possibly help women with postpartum depression and replace nutrients lost in pregnancy. “Mad Men” actress January Jones said in 2012 that she had eaten her own placenta in pill form.

But Watson admits he was partaking on a lad’s impulse. “I just wanted to really be that guy,” he said.

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