So One Man Re-Entered His Burning Home To Save His Xbox

An Olathe, Kan., man re-entered his burning home after escaping a house fire early Friday morning. Why? To save one of his most prized possessions: his Xbox.

A report from ABC15 says the man's initial reaction was to exit the home and get to safety, but that once he was on his lawn watching the flames engulf his possessions, he had a change of heart and rushed back into the blaze to retrieve the beloved console.

Fortunately, both man and Xbox escaped relatively unharmed, although the man did have to be treated for smoke inhalation, the outlet reports.

The one factor that remains unclear is whether the rescued console was an Xbox 360 or the next-gen Xbox One. (As Gearburn points out, however, both systems allow users to save games to the cloud.) Either way, some forums are expressing concern for any controllers, Kinect motion sensors, or cords that may have been left to burn.

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