Man Fails To Check If He Has Milk Before Pouring Cereal Into Bowl

The day began like any other for 52-year-old Larry O'Hara. He grabbed the box of Corn Flakes from his kitchen cabinet and poured it in a bowl. He then got a spoon from the drawer and headed for the refrigerator.

"That was my first mistake," said Larry. "I should have gone to the fridge first." That's because upon opening the refrigerator, Larry realized he was out of milk. "It's the kind of the thing that can happen to anybody," Larry explained. "You know in the age of globalization, social media, and the 24 hour news cycle, it's easy to get distracted and forget about the bigger picture," he said without elaborating any further.

And to make matter worse, Larry says he couldn't simply put the cereal back in the box as he had already thrown it away in the trashcan and it "had made contact" with the remains of his wife's potato salad.

Out of storage options and almost out of time before his morning meal grew stale, Larry decided he'd attempt to eat his cereal dry. "I told myself I was lucky to have food in front of me and I should just suck it up and chow down." Unfortunately, the self pep-talk didn't generate much inspiration for Larry, as he could only bear to eat just two flakes before calling it quits and settling for a heavily brown-spotted banana.