Man Freaks Out Over Vintage Train Pulling Out Of Station (VIDEO)

Wow. This. Is. Special.

This guy really loves him some trains. An unnamed New York State man was relieved to "finally get a Heritage unit on camera" as he filmed a 1953 Saratoga & North train car leaving an undisclosed train station.

Throughout the short video, the man screams in delight and exclaims "This is special!" as he watches the train pull ever-so-slowly out of the station. It goes to show that people really do love themselves some trains -- even trains that you can still ride around the Adirondacks to this day.

This man isn't alone. Rosario Dawson recently extolled the virtues of trains, saying, "There are so many different reasons as to why I love riding trains. But I think ultimately it's the romantic feeling of it. There's something about it that just transports me into old films." Even the president of France recently endorsed riding the rails.