'Man-gagement' Rings Let Ladies Put A Ring On It (VIDEO, POLL)

'Man-gagement' Rings Allow Engaged Ladies To Put A Ring On It (VIDEO, POLL)

This just in from the Beyonce Bible of Wisdom: If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. And many formerly-single, almost-married ladies are taking her sentiments to heart with "man-gagement" rings--the equivalent of an engagement ring, but for the future groom. ABC's Nightline followed one couple as they tried to settle on a hunk of metal. Jarrett Gabel, the husband-to-be joked, "It's not fair that she gets diamonds. I should get at least one."

However, man-gagement rings are really an emerging trend in terms of boy bling. "All the girls want everyone to know that their guy is taken, and there's no better way than to see a ring on his finger," the jeweler in the video explains. And Jennifer Hudson recently spent $15,000 on a ring for her boyfriend. The bands are made from macho-man materials like steel, rubber and cobalt, which will be the perfect accessory to match the diaper bag you'll be carrying in a few years.


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