Konstantine Myakush Shot Through Neck With Arrow Survives (Amazing Photos)

AMAZING PHOTO: Man Shot Through Neck With Arrow Survives

This was no simple walk in the park.

A Russian man out with his two daughters was shot in the neck with an arrow. But, miraculously, Konstantine Myakush is expected to make a full recovery, according to 9News.com.

Despite the grotesque injury, Myakush managed to call his wife just after getting hit. She called an ambulance for him, the Daily Mail.

Footage from the April 30 incident shows the 38-year-old man sitting remarkably still in a hospital with the 20-inch arrow protruding from his neck. It entered on his right side beneath his jaw and pokes out of throat on the left.

The weapon -- possibly misfired from an archer at a nearby sports complex -- fortunately did not strike any major arteries.

Surgeons successfully removed the arrow. The video also shows a bandaged Myakush recovering in the intensive care unit.

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