Man Gets Ticket While Paying $5 For One Hour Of Parking Downtown (VIDEO)

If Chicagoans weren't angry enough about the new $5 per hour meter rates downtown, they might be after watching one of the poor souls paying the steep rate ticketed anyway.

An NBC Chicago reporter stopped Scott Larsen on the street earlier this week to ask him about the parking meter rates, which increased January 1. The increase was the first of many under a deal Mayor Daley made with Chicago Parking Meters LLC, a private company that will control the parking meters, their rates and their revenues for the next 75 years.

Larsen told the reporter he was putting $5 in the payment box for one hour, and that it was hard to avoid spending at least $20 per day in his line of work, which involves making several stops at various locations downtown per day.

As he inserted 20 quarters into the meter, he spotted a Traffic Management Aide (TMA) ticketing a nearby car. He walked over to her and said he was putting coins in the meter and would have the payment slip in his vehicle shortly.

The TMA wrote him a ticket anyway.

Watch the incredibly frustrating exchange below:

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