Man Gets Used Penis Of A Dead Man

According to CBS News, this recipient of a penis transplant is "glad to be a complete man." It is an amazing story and I am happy for this man and all... but... I think if it was me getting the transplant I would be a little cautious about whose penis it was. I would have to know everything about this man and every woman he stuck it in, kind of like a CockFax report. Seriously though, did it have to be a used dick? That's just one thing I am not sure I can buy used. They couldn't have grown it on a rat or something like that one episode of South Park? Maybe used a pig dick, or better yet a horse dick. I would definitely rather go for a horse dick than some random dead guy I know nothing about. But to each his own. This man doesn't really seem to concerned about the size anyway since he had "been asking his doctor almost ever since to put him on the short list for a transplant." Again, if it was me, I would have asked to be put on the long list. Oh well. I wish this man luck and just hope he can control himself long enough for it to heal before breaking it in. I don't want to hear about this man accidentally ripping it off tomorrow morning when he gets some morning wood.

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