Man Who Got Head Stuck In Washing Machine Had Worse Day Than You

Ever have one of those days? Not like this.

He probably wants to wash his hands of this experience.

Firemen in Fuqing, China, were called to an apartment Sunday afternoon after an unidentified man got his head stuck in a washing machine.

The man was attempting to repair his machine's drum and stuck his head inside for a better view.

That was a mistake. For some reason, he was unable to get his head out, according to UPI's translation of a social media post by the Fujian Fire Department.

When the man's friends found him lying on the floor, they tried to free him by using soap to lubricate his skull, according to the Mirror.

When that didn't work, they called in a rescue crew.

China Stringer Network / Reuters

Six firemen spent 40 minutes sawing through the machine before the victim was freed.

The man reportedly still didn't understand what happened.

"I managed to very successfully stick my head into the machine, so I don’t understand why I got stuck," he said, according to the Metro.

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