ESPN Asked To Use A Photo From The Wrong Sports Fan

This Patriots fan had zero chill.
The trouble started with "Deflategate" coverage.
The trouble started with "Deflategate" coverage.

A New England Patriots football fan hilariously shut down a photo request from ESPN over Twitter on Monday, after the network apparently failed to realize its past “Deflategate” coverage would hit a deep nerve.

The explosive exchange started after Abdul Dremali posted a photo of a man holding a motivational sign along the Boston Marathon’s route. It showed the third-quarter score from Super Bowl LI, when the Atlanta Falcons were still crushing the Patriots before their comeback.

What started as an innocent request for permission to use the photo led to a fiery slap ― containing some inappropriate language.

Dremali, in some colorful words, denied ESPN’s request and instructed the network to block him “right now.”

He wasn’t unmerciful to other news outlets’ requests. He just really has a problem with ESPN.

Why so much grief?

ESPN has been demonized by loyal Pats fans who have criticized the outlet’s reporting on inflation levels of footballs used by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in a 2015 championship game with the Indianapolis Colts. As the Boston Globe pointed out Monday, this isn’t the first time a fan has spat back at a photo request from ESPN over Twitter due to “Deflategate,” either.

But the feud goes both ways: ESPN’s SportsCenter account apparently blocked Dremali on the social media platform.