Man Learning That He Just Became A Grandfather Is Pure Joy

"I am a grand-pa-pa!!"

When John Davie, an Australian doctor, embarked on a Christian pilgrimage called the Way of St. James, he was in search of the faith and spiritual connection he'd lost decades ago in his youth. This 500-mile trek across France and Spain may have taken the grandfather-to-be away from his family in Australia, but the journey was also meant to bring him closer to his loved ones -- from whom he had drifted away as a father and a husband.

"Walking is the ultimate meditation. It gives you time to pause. Why did I live my life the way I did?" John says. "I want to be closer to my family."

The day after making that statement -- 400 miles into his pilgrimage -- it was as if John's prayers are answered: he receives an unexpected phone call from his daughter in Australia. She has just given birth to a baby boy. John is a grandfather.

His reaction is priceless. There are tears, countless questions, laughter and hands-in-the-air celebration. It begins at 0:48 in the above video, from the documentary "Belief."

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