Stephen Mabbutt Could Hear His Eyeballs Move, Heart Beat

Man Could Hear His Eyeballs Move, Heart Beat

Imagine going through life, having difficulty hearing what was going on around you because your eyeballs were making too much noise.

That's something like what Stephen Mabbutt was experiencing. He had to have surgery to keep from hearing his eyeballs and his heartbeat, according to the BBC.

"When I raised my voice I could hear it reverberating in my head and the vibrations made my vision vibrate," Mabbutt told the BBC. "Eventually I could hear my heart beating and my eyes moving in their sockets. It was really distracting."

Mabbutt was diagnosed with a rare disease called superior canal dehiscence syndrome.

"Sleep was pretty much impossible with the beating of my heart and the scratching of my eyes," Mabbutt told The Sun. "It was like trying to drop off with a noisy workshop in my head."

After the surgery, Mabbutt said he feels much better. according to The Daily Mail.

"You cannot believe what a relief it is," he said.

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