Man Says Voices In His Head Are Because Microchip Was Implanted In His Body -- Not Mental Illness

Nick, 35, says he started being tormented by voices in his head about five years ago. "A friend of mine drugged me ... I woke up in a hotel room. I was pretty much left for dead. During that time when I was unconscious, I believe he put a chip in me. I believe there is a chip somewhere in my body. I'm not sure where."

The first time the voices spoke to him, Nick remembers them calling him a "lowlife," and they've since told him to kill himself, Nick says. "I suspect that hackers are using government satellites to be able to insert voices into my head," he explains.

He is adamant that he is not mentally ill, though his family believes that may be the cause. "I'd rather have schizophrenia. It wouldn't hurt near as bad," says Nick, a husband and father. "If I had my choice between schizophrenia or what I'm going through — electronic harassment — I would choose schizophrenia."

In the video above, Nick explains what it's like living with the voices in his head, and that he's even tried to barter with them by leaving $20,000 in his mailbox, telling them to take the money but leave him and his family alone. Can Dr. Phil get to the bottom of Nick's torment? Watch more from Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil.

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