Man Hides Gun In Rectum: Michael Leon Ward Smuggled 10-Inch Weapon, Cops Say

Cops: Suspect Smuggled 10-Inch Gun In His Rectum

There are some places you should definitely not hide a gun.

Police in North Carolina believe that despite multiple searches after a traffic violation , a suspect managed to sneak a 10-inch gun into a prison last Monday by concealing the weapon in his rectum.

One day later, officers confiscated the .38 revolver from the jail cell of Michael Leon Ward, arrested Jan. 9, a statement from the Onslow County Sheriff's Office explains. They'd performed a strip search on Ward and even required that he "squat and cough" to see if he held any contraband, but nothing turned up, according to MSNBC.

He was initially arrested because police allegedly found drugs and related paraphernalia during the traffic stop.

Jailhouse guards discovered the handgun in the toilet after other inmates reported Ward.

Ward will be taken to OMH for possible injuries that may have occurred to Ward's rectum where it is believed Ward may have concealed the .38 caliber, six inch barrel revolver. The gun was not loaded. However, the gun was test fired by the OCSO CSI to determine its functionality and it was in operational condition.

Ward is wanted in Georgia for prior charges including murder, armed robbery, driving without a license, impaired diving, obstructing a police officer, and offering a false report to a police officer.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article mislabeled Onslow County as being in Georgia. Onslow County is located in North Carolina.

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