Man In Bunny Suit Advised By Police In Idaho To Hang Up The Costume

For months a man wearing a black bunny suit in Idaho Falls has bothered his neighbors and frightened children, according to police.

So cops warned William Falkingham, 34, to stop wearing the fuzzy rabbit costume in public, according to The Republic.

Falkingham hasn't been charged with a crime, a police department spokeswoman told The Huffington Post, but he could possibly be arrested for creating a public nuisance if he were to do it again. She added that he doesn't have a criminal record.

No one had complained to the police about Falkingham's antics, which were mostly confined to his yard, until a woman saw him standing behind a tree and pointing with his finger as if it were a gun at her son, the spokeswoman said.

Neighbors said he sometimes supplemented the bunny outfit with a tutu, The Idaho State Journal reported. One woman told Reuters that Falkingham has been known to don cowboy attire too.

Police claim that Falkingham admitted that he enjoyed wearing the outfit, but understood his neighbors complaints.