The Most Chilling Local Crime Story You'll Read All Day

Local crime in South Florida can be rather chilling, but this takes the cake.

Monday City of Miami police arrested a man who had been hiding in the freezer of a Checkers restaurant before demanding cash and goods from early morning employees.

"The freezer door pops open, this gentleman comes out and starts demanding money and everyone's articles. They're freaking out, they call 911 and they come running out of the restaurant," Sergeant Freddie Cruz told WSVN.

A photo available at shows the suspect, who appears to be wearing swim trunks, wrapped in a blanket while being escorted to a squad car.

"It's quite bizarre how this gentleman was able to hide in this freezer," Cruz said. "It's unclear how many hours he was in there. We're not thinking he was there all night otherwise it's possible he could've lost his life."

The quest to rob others, particularly at fast food chains, has left many a burglar trapped in undesirable circumstances.

Two armed robbers in California were left stranded earlier this year when a Burger King employee hid their getaway car.

And a few years ago in Denver, a pizza joint employee found a burglar trapped in the pizza oven vent, yelling "help me."

In a more morbid event, the deceased body of a suspected burglar was found trapped in the chimney of a law firm in England.



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