Man In Santa Suit Saves People From Burning Car: Brad Luddeke Saves The Day (VIDEO)

Santa has really outdone himself this year.

A man in full Santa Claus costume appeared on the scene of an accident between two cars at the intersection of Interstate 635 and Belt Line Road in Coppell, Texas early last week, pulling two motorists to safety. In fact, he had to return to the first car to pull the driver away again after he noticed that the vehicle was on fire. It was good timing: just as the two got out of the immediate area, the car exploded.

So who was the man behind the beard? Brad Luddeke, a former volunteer fire fighter from Arlington, Texas, who was in costume as he delivered toys to kids in need. Once the motorists were saved, he directed traffic until police reached the scene.

"I really just did what anyone would do in that situation," Luddeke told Reuters. "I just happened to be wearing a Santa suit."

We celebrate a lot of big screen Santa heroes this time of year, from Tim Allen to Edmund Gwenn to even Billy Bob Thornton, but this Santa is the real thing.