Man In Wheelchair Robs Bank, Remains At Large

Police in New York are searching for a suspect in a wheelchair who rolled out of a bank with $1,200 in stolen money.

The alleged bank robber approached a teller at the Santander Bank in Queens shortly after 2 p.m., Monday, with a note demanding cash, The New York Post reports.

Surveillance cameras recorded the suspect, believed to be in his late twenties, leaving the bank. He was dressed in jeans and grey hoodie.

“It’s a little surprising,” a man at a nearby store told CBS New York. “I thought it was a joke at first until I overheard all the police coming in, I realized it was something serious.”

The witness also told CBS that he heard the wheelchair may have been a prop, but that rumor was not confirmed.

No injuries were reported and no abandoned wheelchairs were found, according to ABC7.