Man Jumps From Window To Avoid Paying Child Support

A Chicago man broke both of his legs Tuesday after jumping from a third-floor window to avoid an arrest for unpaid child support.

Ronald "Boobie" McIntyre reportedly failed to pay $5,979.66 in court-ordered support for his children, and when the Cook County Sheriff's office attempted to take him into custody--he headed for the window. the Chicago Tribune reports:

On Tuesday afternoon, sheriff's deputies tried to take McIntyre into custody at an apartment building in the same block as his home.

But when they arrived, a woman told them he was nowhere to be found. She invited them inside, however, and as they searched the apartment a child pointed to the window.

According to the Cook County Sheriff's office, McIntyre has been convicted of assault 21 times, obstructing justice 39 times and has 20 more convictions for invasion of privacy. So, as sheriff's deputies ran downstairs to catch up with him--he was still trying to elude them despite having two broken legs.

McIntyre attempted to crawl away from the scene and cursed at officers attempting to stop him, Fox Chicago reports. He was taken into custody and brought to an area hospital.

A judge ruled that he can remain free until his next court date--after he gets out of the hospital.