Man Jumps Into Vat Of Acid To Save Co-Worker (VIDEO)

Man Jumps Into Vat Of Acid To Save Co-Worker

A construction worker jumped into a vat of acid to save his co-worker who fell 40 feet through a collapsed roof into the tank of corrosive industrial metal cleaner in Clifton, N.J., according to NBC New York.

Gawker reports that the two men were working on a roof replacement job at Swepco Tube on Clifton Boulevard when the rotted roof collapsed.

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The second worker then dove in after him and, with the help of other workers, was able to pull the first man out.

The victim was airlifted to St. Barnabas Medical Center where he is being treated for severe chemical burns. According to MyFox New York, the man's condition is not known, but his burns have been described as life-threatening.

The man who jumped in after him was taken to the hospital as well, but was described by NBC New York as "lucid" and "able to rinse himself off."

Three other workers who helped pull the men out were also transported to the hospital to be treated for burns, according to Gawker.

According to Gawker, "the construction [at Swepco Tube] is under investigation for lacking the necessary permits."

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