Man Lived To 107 By Drinking A Lot Of Red Wine Everyday

Don't try this at home.

Many people enjoy the occasional glass of wine with a nice meal, but one centenarian took the expression "drink to your health" to a whole new level.

After Antonio Docampo García passed away recently at the age of 107, his family said he enjoyed such a long life thanks to his love of wine.

Docampo Garcia, of northwest Spain, had his own vineyard and wine business, local Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia reports. He loved having a shot of brandy with breakfast, and had wine every day with both lunch and dinner.

"He and I could drink up to 200 liters per month," Docampo Garcia's son, Manuel Docampo Lopez, said. If the vineyard produced 60,000 bottles a year, they would keep at least 3,000 for themselves, he said.

Apparently, the centenarian drank only his homemade wine, which was free of additives. Docampo Garcia was always reluctant to take medication and stayed healthy throughout most of his life, until he recently got pneumonia.

When taken in moderation, red wine is said to have several health benefits. It's suggested that the antioxidants in red wine may contribute to good health by helping to reduce bad cholesterol levels and protecting against heart disease. But it's important to remember that moderation, as with anything, is key and it's not recommended to take up drinking if you currently don't just to reap any potential benefits.

When it comes to touting alcohol for his longevity, Docampo Garcia is in good company. Numerous centenarians have said alcohol was their secret to living so long, whether it's "booze" as one 100-year-old put it or just a daily glass of red wine, as the world's oldest twins say they enjoy.

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