This Man Will Live On A Melting Iceberg For One Year. Here's Why.

This Man Will Live On A Melting Iceberg For One Year. Here's Why.

Alex Bellini plans to mourn the loss of Arctic ice on a far more intimate level than many of us could imagine. He'll live an entire year on an iceberg off Greenland "witnessing its last phase of life."

In the video above, Bellini spells out what the thaw around Greenland could mean for the rest of the world -- and it's scary.

"I feel the urge to act, to do something," he explains. He says he hopes his expedition will bring about a change in attitude toward global warming. "This will become an era of responsibility."

While the video was posted earlier this year, Bellini is riding a wave of publicity after outlets such as TreeHugger and OddityCentral recently featured pieces about him.

Bellini plans to board an iceberg in spring 2015 and live in a pod similar to a lunar module, breaking his solitude to occasionally meet with bloggers and writers so he can spread the word, according to the vid. He'll bring 300 kilograms of dried food plus electronics equipment, Motherboard reported in an earlier article.

When the iceberg can no longer support him, he said he will take to sea in his module and wait to be rescued.

Yes, probably I’m a bit crazy,” he said in an Adventure Journal piece.

But Bellini, an Italian now living in England, had a few words for naysayers on Twitter recently.

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