One Man Spent Over $175,000 In His Quest To Look Like Madonna

How much do you love your favorite pop star? Enough to spend $175,000 to look like them?

TLC's "My Strange Addiction" series recently profiled Adam Guerra, a Madonna superfan from Hollywood, California, who estimates he's spent over $175,000 to look just like the "Living for Love" singer. That budget includes over 18 cosmetic procedures, from Botox to cheek and jaw surgery, and about $100,000 worth of costumes, jewelry and accessories.

On the show, Guerra elaborated on why he wants to emulate the 56-year-old singer:

"With Madonna, I saw somebody who went from nothing to something, who was herself and didn't care what anybody said about her. She was the one everybody wanted to be," he said.

Of course, he's not the only person who's dropped thousands to resemble his favorite celebrity. A British makeup artist, Jordan James Parke, made headlines in December 2014 for reportedly spending $150,000 on cosmetic procedures to look like Kim Kardashian.



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