Man Marries Dead Girlfriend In Joint Funeral And Wedding Ceremony In Thailand (PHOTOS)

Man Marries Dead Girlfriend

A man recently married his deceased girlfriend in a combination funeral and wedding ceremony.

Chadil Deffy, also known as Deff Yingyuen, placed a ring on the finger of Sarinya "Anne" Kamsook, his girlfriend of 10 years, during the ceremony in Thailand's Surin province.

The couple had planned to get married in the future, but Yingyuen wanted to focus on his studies before tying the knot, the Thai-Asean News (TAN) Network reported.

Unfortunately, Kamsook unexpectedly died in an accident before the couple could set a date.

According to the Pattaya Daily News, the couple met at Thailand's Eastern Asia University nearly a decade ago, and wreaths were placed around campus in memory of Kamsook following her death.

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Photos and footage of the ceremony were posted on Facebook and YouTube.

And while some thought the service a bit strange, others expressed their sympathy for the groom.

"...I didn't know her, but in your photos, she looks young and full of life. I can't image the impact her death has caused in the lives of her loved ones. It was a very moving gesture of love, very moving. It makes you rethink a lot of things in life, things you take for granted," Facebook user Alejandra Yanez wrote in Spanish on Yingyuen's page.

Onsiri Pravattiyagul, a friend of the groom, wrote an opinion column addressing Yingyuen's intentions and the media speculation his story has prompted. The piece, featured on the Bangkok Times, included the following:

Chadil wrote matter-of-factly online -- and would later give interviews in the same vein -- explaining that the motivation for this display was guilt, pure and simple: He felt he hadn't done enough for his girlfriend of 10 years while she was alive. Before her sudden death in a road accident, she had suggested that he marry her. But he had demurred, putting the idea on hold.

The "wedding" was his attempt to right a wrong, however belated the gesture might have been.

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