Man Allegedly Masturbates In Sheriff's Office While Registering As Sex Offender

"Shocked, angered and disgusted."

A man awaiting his turn to register as a sex offender at a Seattle sheriff’s office showed why he was there in the first place: He masturbated in the lobby, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Monday.

A King County Sheriff’s Office employee allegedly saw Anthony Hardison in the act, a week after he was sentenced and released for time served for exposing himself to female bus drivers, the P-I wrote.

According to the police report cited by the P-I, Hardison, 50, was spotted Aug. 12 by the female employee “intentionally mak(ing) an open and obscene exposure of his penis.” The employee said she was “shocked, angered and disgusted.”

Anthony Hardison remains behind bars.
Anthony Hardison remains behind bars.

Hardison was charged earlier this month with felony indecent exposure for the county office incident, which was captured on video surveillance, the Seattle Times noted. He was at the office to submit his registered sex offender paperwork.

“Mr. Hardison presents a pattern of publicly exposing himself and masturbating to adult women in positions of authority,” a detective wrote after Hardison’s most recent arrest, per the Times.

According to the outlet, Hardison in February openly pleasured himself in the back row of two public buses ― easily seen by the female drivers in the rear view mirror.

King County jail records indicate that Hardison remained behind bars as of Wednesday morning.