You Just Can't Masturbate On A Crowded Bus These Days Without Someone Filming You

Talk about rubbing someone the wrong way.

Police in Philadelphia are waiting for a warrant to be approved after a man was filmed allegedly masturbating on a SEPTA bus.

A Temple University Ph.D. student filmed the incident on her phone Friday, according to NBC Philadelphia. The student, who spoke with the station but did not want to be identified, said she was riding the Route 23 bus to class when she noticed a man next to her exposing himself.

An NSFW video posted to LiveLeak, the accused man is shown touching himself while the woman publicly calls him out.

"Are you really going to keep doing that?" the woman, who chose not to be identified, asks the man. She then alerts the other passengers: "He's touching himself and exposing himself."

The man who is filmed appears to feign surprise, then denies that he touched himself, but the woman insists otherwise. Passengers respond with increasing outrage.

"Michelle, come get this baby, because I'm about to go off," says an unidentified woman with a baby who is seated behind the alleged masturbator.

The video then shows the man turning towards the woman.

"Are you serious right now," he asks. “I’m standing here the whole time. Why wouldn’t you just say something?"

“Does someone need to tell you not to touch yourself in public on a bus,” the woman replies.

The video shows the man leave the bus as more people confront him. The woman notified the bus driver, who then reported the incident to police.

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