Man Mutilated 21 Vaginas And Stored Clitorises In Freezer: Police

Wife was expected to testify but was killed.

A man accused of severing the vaginas of 21 women, including his wife's, and storing parts in the freezer appeared in a South African court Wednesday, the BBC reported.

Peter Frederiksen, a Denmark native living in Bloemfontein, South Africa, was greeted by women activists from the African National Congress in a form of protest ahead of his bail application, the BBC wrote.

"We are here to make sure justice is served," Joyce Davids said, per AFP.

Peter Frederiksen in Bloemfontein Magistrate's court on Wednesday.
Peter Frederiksen in Bloemfontein Magistrate's court on Wednesday.

Frederiksen was arrested in September after authorities said they found 21 clitorises neatly labeled in plastic bags in his freezer. (However, some reports do not cite a specific number of victims.) Police believe he kept them as trophies, according to the BBC.

In a statement cited by the Independent, police say the 63-year-old gun shop owner “allegedly sedated his victims before performing illegal operations on them.” Most of his alleged victims lived in Lesotho, a tiny nation surrounded by South Africa.

His estranged wife, Anna Matseliso Molise, also allegedly mutilated by Frederiksen, was expected to testify at the trial, but was shot dead last month, the paper noted. Police are urging other victims to come forward.

Frederiksen, a gun shop owner who has called the allegations "totally unfounded," faces a slew of charges, including sexual assault and violations of South Africa's medical laws, the Express noted. No suspect has been arrested for the murder of his wife, AFP noted.

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