'Man Of Steel' Filming Begins In Downtown Chicago (VIDEO)

Filming begins Wednesday and is set to continue through Sept. 17 or 18 for "Man of Steel," the new Superman movie, in Chicago's Loop.

The film, which stars Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, along with Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and others, is expected to feature the Loop's Chicago Board of Trade and Willis Tower buildings prominently, Crain's Chicago Business reports. The Board of Trade will be used as the exterior of Kent's workplace, the Daily Planet, while the Willis Tower will provide the interior shots of the newsroom setting.

Beyond those shots, however, it remains "super-duper secretive" where any streets or public sites will be shot by the production, Betsy Steinberg of the Illinois Film Office told Crain's. The film is being directed by Zach Snyder ("300," "Sucker Punch").

The production last month spent two weeks filming in west suburban Plano, where Yorkville Patch reports that rumors were circulating wildly about demolished buildings and celebrity sightings.

The last large Hollywood action blockbuster to film in Chicago, "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon," reportedly raked in an estimated $24 million in spending, in addition to 400 jobs, over the course of its one month of filming last year. Another high-profile film that spent some time filming on-location in the Chicago area, the Steven Soderbergh-directed "Contagion," opens nationwide Friday.

WATCH a video report on the latest Hollywood blockbuster to grace Chicago's Loop here: