'Man Of Steel' Sequel Will Reunite Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer

"Man of Steel" opens on June 14, but Warner Bros. is already looking toward the next Superman adventure.

Deadline.com editor-in-chief Nikki Finke reports that a sequel to "Man of Steel" has been put into motion, with director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer set to return in those capacities for part two. Expect Superman himself, Henry Cavill, to don the red cape in "Man of Steel 2" as well.

"How Hollywood works with these kind of things is that when you are doing a screen test, you will sign a contract saying, 'OK, yes, I'll do the movie if you guys want me,'" Cavill told HuffPost Entertainment in a recent interview. "And, in that, it's standard procedure to do two options beyond the movie."

The existence of "Man of Steel 2" is hardly surprising to anyone who has been paying attention. (The sequel was first reported on three months ago.) During the "Man of Steel" press rounds, Snyder has talked about how another Superman film would connect to any Justice League movie Warner Bros. is likely to produce. "I feel like you need to get Superman a little further down the road before you can do a Justice League movie," Snyder told Collider. Cavill, too, has discussed how future movies could connect Superman with Batman and other DC Comics characters for "Justice League." For what it's worth, "Justice League" was originally rumored for summer of 2015, but whether that comes to pass is unclear.

For more on "Man of Steel 2," including what role Christopher Nolan will play in creating the sequel, head to Deadline.com.

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