'Man Of Steel' Trailer: Superman Returns (VIDEO)

WATCH: Superman Returns In 'Man Of Steel'

You'll believe a man can fly after watching the new "Man Of Steel" trailer, which takes the legend of Superman and filters it through both the real-world aesthetic of the "Dark Knight" trilogy and what looks like Terrence Malick's camera.

Brought to you by director Zack Snyder (the un-Terrence Malick behind such blunt-force instruments as "Watchmen" and "300") and producer Christopher Nolan, "Man of Steel" imagines Superman/Clark Kent as a longshoreman and ... that's about it? This is a teaser in every sense of the word, with brief images of star Henry Cavill accompanied by a voiceover from Kevin Costner (playing Jonathan Kent) and Howard Shore's score from "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." (The scene where Gandalf memorably dies, if you're wondering.) The results are completely effective and gorgeous -- and the hero shot of Cavill as Superman flying to the heavens might give even the most ardent detractor of this particular superhero reboot the chills.

Warner Bros. also released a second trailer for "Man of Steel," which is exactly the same save for a voiceover from Russell Crowe, playing Jor-El, Superman's father.

Watch the Costner-voiced teaser above. Check out reactions to the "Man of Steel" footage that screened at Comic-Con in the gallery below. "Man of Steel" is out in theaters on May 14, 2013.

The "Man of Steel" trailer is available in HD over at Apple.

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