Man Overboard: Is Scooter Being Thrown to the Sharks?

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What are we supposed to make of reports suggesting that Scooter Libby was deeply emotional about getting Joe Wilson? An LA Times piece published yesterday makes Scooter out to be a madman in a Brooks Brothers suit, the Sam Kinison of the Republican in-crowd. It looks like somebody's throwing Scooter to the sharks.

The article quotes anonymous sources (they're described as "former aides") as saying that the alleged control-freak Libby was out of control where Plamegate was concerned. Words get thrown around - words like "angry," "aggressive," "zealous, ""passionate," "consumed by passages that he believed were inaccurate or unfair to Cheney." It all seems custom-designed for the Discovery Channel: "When Ivy-Leaguers Attack."

There's a simpler explanation for Libby's behavior than the notion that maybe he had gone off his medications, however. The LA Times finds it elsewhere, in this piece:

For more than a decade, Dick Cheney has tussled with the CIA, first as secretary of Defense and later as vice president. Now that long and tortured history forms the backdrop of a federal probe into who named an undercover agency officer — an inquiry that is centering in part on Cheney's office.

As prosecutors like to remind themselves, Cui prodest scelus, is fecit - The one who derives advantage from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it. Keep your eye on the fat bald guy in the secure undisclosed location. That is, if you're not too distracted by the screams of somebody being eaten by sharks.

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