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Creepy Or Romantic? Man Photoshops Himself Into Girlfriend's Childhood Photos

You can either accept that your significant other had a life before you came around -- or you can be this guy.

A Chinese photographer's new series Photoshops images of himself into his girlfriend's childhood photos, which is either hopelessly romantic or extremely awkward, depending on how the relationship pans out. Wan, who first posted the images on the social media site Weibo, says he wanted to write a love letter to his girlfriend's childhood self.

"I want to send my love letter to little you, but without a time machine, the only thing I can do is come into your dream to meet you," he writes.

The photos (featured below) show Wan as an adult appearing to interact with his then-tiny girlfriend. The People's Daily in China reports the series as a "romantic and heartwarming gift." But you can't make everyone happy.

Kotaku is apparently horrified. The site reports that one of the photos -- featuring Wan playfully looking up his girlfriend's skirt -- "borders on pedophilia," a presumably innocent statement that borders on defamation. But we digress. We think the photos are endearing."

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