This Man Thought He Could Propose To Minnie Mouse Right In Front Of Mickey

Of course Goofy rushed over to see the drama.

Mickey Mouse better watch out, or someone is going to steal his girl.

On Sunday, Twitter user Nai Sandoval tweeted a hilarious video of her friend meeting Minnie Mouse during a visit to Walt Disney World in Florida.

It was your run-of-the-mill meet-and-greet at Epcot until 21-year-old Johnny Jean had the audacity to propose marriage to Minnie, right in front of Mickey Mouse. Take a look:

Even Mickey’s boy Goofy was shook.

Let’s zoom in on Mickey for a moment:

The face you make when he steals your girl right in front of you.
The face you make when he steals your girl right in front of you.

The House of Mouse will never be the same.

Twitter, of course, ate up the interaction. So far, the tweet has 179,000 “likes” and a lot of hilarious responses.

Jean told HuffPost he got photos with Mickey and Goofy first, then figured he’d do something a little different with Minnie. He never expected the characters to bring so much drama.

“When I saw Mickey come over, I was super shocked, but it made it so much funnier,” he said. “And my friend Anna’s reaction standing next to him definitely put the cherry on top of the whole debacle.”

Looks like there's no hard feelings!
Looks like there's no hard feelings!

This was Jean’s first time at the park, and he really hopes he didn’t leave a lasting impression as a mouse homewrecker.

“I’m just hoping I didn’t do any real damage to their relationship!” Jean joked.

We hope not, either, buddy. You’re on Mickey’s radar now.