Man Allegedly Punches Cop During Naperville Brawl After Mistaking Uniform For A Halloween Costume

Police: Man Punched Cop Thinking Uniform Was A Halloween Costume

A suburban Chicago man caught up in a brawl this weekend has a convenient (though totally flimsy) excuse for why he punched a Naperville police officer: He thought the man was just some regular guy dressed as cop for Halloween.

The early Sunday morning melee ended with at least one person being Tasered by an officer and four men in all arrested on a number of charges -- including resisting a peace officer, disorderly conduct -- stemming from the fight, NBC Chicago reports.

Aurora residents Swavek Krakowiak, 29; Andres Lopez, 25; and Jesus Nino, 24 were arrested along with Marcin Klepinowski, 34, of suburban Oswego after the fight erupted in downtown Naperville around 1:44 a.m., the Sun-Times reports.

The fight allegedly started when Krakowiak began arguing with a woman he didn't know and later shoved the woman's daughter when she came to her mother's aid. Police said Nino, the younger woman’s boyfriend, came to her assistance.

Lopez joined the altercation and was identified as the person who allegedly punched the officer. As the Tribune reports, Lopez later told authorities he thought the officer was a civilian in costume. Klepinowski allegedly elbowed an officer in the face, prompting police to subdue him with a Taser.

"As an organization I think we feel pretty comfortable we're pretty well identified," Naperville Police Sgt. Lou Cammiso told the Tribune. "But it is Halloween."

According to the Sun-Times, all four men were released on bond as they await trial.

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