Man Ray And Lee Miller: L'amour Fou - The Art Newspaper

In Paris around 1930, Man Ray was working on a series of photographs of Lee Miller, entitled "Anatomy". The couple had shared their first kiss a year earlier and were now lovers. Miller had also been working as the photographer's model and assistant for the last two years, but was beginning to forge a career as a photographer in her own right.

On this particular occasion, Miller rescued a negative that had been discarded by Ray: a close-up of her neck with her head twisted, almost sickeningly, away from the camera. Miller took the negative and printed the photograph, claiming the result as her own. Upon discovering what she'd done, Ray threw her out of the studio. When she returned a few days later, Miller found the picture pinned to the studio wall, a gash torn through her neck with rivulets of scarlet ink pouring from the "wound".