Grandfather Reunited With Beloved Dog After Losing Wife And Home In Tornado

Clem Schultz' life was ripped apart along with the rest of Fairdale, Illinois last Thursday when a deadly tornado tore through the small town. After the tornado passed, Schultz dug his way out of the resulting rubble and debris. He found his wife's body -- without a pulse.

"I had to leave her behind but I knew there wasn't anything I could do for her," the 84-year-old told The Chicago Tribune.

His wife, Geraldine Schultz, 67, was one of two people who died, along with their neighbor and friend, Jacklyn Klosa.

But Clem Schultz did find some light among all the destruction. The family dog, Missy, was found and reunited with him just two days later.

His grandson, Tyler Rowan, told NBC Chicago, "She was really happy to see my Grandpa and my Grandpa was extremely happy to see her. He hasn't let go of her since he's gotten her."

The first found item posted to this page was a picture taken 25 years ago of Clem and Geri Schultz it was found 35 miles...

Posted by Found Items from the Fairdale Illinois Tornado on Monday, April 13, 2015

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the tornado.

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Illinois Tornado Damage