Man Rides Shark After Jumping From Boat, Wildlife Officials Scorn Act (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Rides Shark

No matter how comfortable you are in the water, jumping on the back of a shark is never a good idea.

A Middleboro, Massachusetts man thought he'd have a little fun by literally jumping onto the back of a shark in the water off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts, WCVB reported. The result was a once in a lifetime experience that had wildlife officials shaking their heads.

As an experienced fisherman, Eric Jacobs says he knew what he was doing when he decided to hitch a ride on the mammoth basking shark, jumping from the boat and riding it for a good 15 feet.

"I've been waiting for an opportunity like this my whole life," Jacobs says in the video below.

Basking sharks are the second largest fish in the sea.

Wildlife officials have reiterated that although no laws appear to be broken, they certainly don't feel anyone should attempt anything like this in the future, according to WCVB. Riding sharks is dangerous, no matter what they eat.

Humans also probably shouldn't be riding a threatened species. Recent statistics suggest that up to 73 million sharks are killed each year for the fin trade, and an estimated 30 percent of sharks are threatened or near-threatened with extinction.


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