Robber Demands Hair Extensions In Beauty Store Heist (VIDEO)

Man Robs Beauty Store Of Its Hair Extensions

A man robbed Main Beauty Supply in Dallas this week at gunpoint, demanding all the cash in the register -- and a little something extra.

NBC reports that store employee Benitra Jackson was closing up for the night when a masked man stormed into the store with a weapon and ordered Jackson and her manager to the ground.

The perpetrator, Jackson says, had her surrender all the money in the register, including the change, which he said he needed because he had kids.

Then, the thief tossed in a stranger request: he demanded the hair extensions behind the counter.

Jackson says the man explained: he needed the best ones for his girlfriend. She obliged.

The demand might sound silly, but hairpieces typically aren't cheap: premium hair extensions can cost upwards of $200 per piece.

And surprisingly, this isn't the first hair extension thief on record this year: back in September, four men robbed a Georgia beauty store of an astonishing $100,000 in packages of hair. In May, another Texas hair heist occurred when someone stole over $120,000 in wigs and extensions from a Houston boutique.

Watch video of the latest bizarre heist, including surveillance footage, below, and click over to WLBZ to read more about the hair thief.

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