Man Says He Believes He Wrote Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'; Parents Say He's Delusional

Riley, 23, insists he has written hundreds of songs for multiple artists, and even claims to have worked with Taylor Swift on "Shake It Off."  

His parents, however, say they believe he's delusional. And he is not credited on Taylor Swift's -- or any other famous musicians' -- songs that he claims to have written. 

"If his lips are moving, he's pretty much lying," says his mom, Robin, who turns to Dr. Phil for help on Monday's show, "Our Son Claims He Is A Famous Songwriter: Could He Be Delusional Or A Master Manipulator?" 

In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Riley that he has known both Taylor and her mom for a number of years. "Is there any reason that she would tell me she's never met you, heard of you, or worked with you on a song?" Dr. Phil asks. "Is there any reason you wouldn't be listed on the song as a writer?" 

Riley at first sticks to his claim that he wrote "Shake it Off," but, acknowledging that his former drug use may have affected his thinking, he says, "I definitely admit that there's some questionable thought process going on ... I've had to take into consideration that I might be wrong." 

He adds, "I do believe that Taylor Swift and I are soul mates, and I love her with the kind of love that you would want forever and always." 

What is this odd situation really all about? Could Riley just be manipulating those closest to him? Could his mom be enabling him? Find out as Dr. Phil attempts to unpack this bizarre story on Monday's show. 

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