Man Sends Shakespeare To Torment Alleged Thief

This alleged thief is reading a LOT of "words, words, words."

Edd Joseph of Bristol, England got revenge on a man he says never gave him a PS3 gaming console he paid about $160 for through an electronic money transfer, according to the Bristol Post.

Joseph discovered he could copy long chunks of text and paste them into text messages. But each text is just 160 characters which, as the paper explains, means "the 37 works of Shakespeare will buzz through in 29,305 individual texts."

"I got the first reply after an hour, and then a few more abusive messages after that," Joseph said when asked about his target's response. "His phone must have been going off pretty constantly for hours."

The Telegraph reports that Joseph is just getting started.

"I'm going to keep doing it," Joseph said. "If nothing else I'm sharing a little bit of culture with someone who probably doesn't have much experience of it."

Police said there's little chance of catching the thief and the site that facilitated the purchase-gone-awry said wire transfers are against the site's terms and conditions, according to the Express.



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