Slide Sex Gets Man Banned From Playgrounds

Court orders sex-offender treatment.


A man with a playground fetish has hopefully defiled his last slide.

A court in Coventry, England, banned Christopher Johnson from children's recreational areas after he admitted to simulating a sex act on park equipment, the Coventry Telegraph reported Monday.

Johnson stripped his clothes and committed a similar act on a slide the previous July, the Sun noted.

In his latest apparatus assault, on Aug. 16, the 46-year-old was caught by observers in the act at Stoke Green Park and then arrested, the Telegraph wrote.

He pleaded guilty to public indecency, so the Coventry court handed down a "criminal behavior order" that bans the 46-year-old from any recreation area with a slide and ordered him into sex-offender treatment.

He also had to pay hundreds of dollars in fines and court fees, according to outlets.

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