Derek 'Tex' Grebner: Man Shoots Himself In Leg (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Shoots Himself In Leg While Demonstrating Pistol

Derek "Tex" Grebner, who describes himself on his YouTube channel as "a pretty unprofessional outdoors show host and an unbiased online gear reviewer," accidentally shot himself in the leg with a Kimber Pro Carry II .45 while drawing his weapon.

He's since uploaded the video to YouTube as a warning that "negligent discharges happen."

Earlier in the day, Grebner had been practicing "how to draw and fire from defensive retention" with his Glock and a different holster. On that particular holster, the gun is released by pressing a button with your thumb. This button, Grebner explains, is in the same location as the safety on the Kimber, the gun that he shot himself with.

"When I went to draw my pistol, I pushed down and took off the safety," he says in the video. "Then I pulled up. The gun did not as I pulled up, I hit that, my finger curled into the trigger guard and I ripped a round through my leg."

Grebner was able to stop the bleeding before the paramedics arrived.

"Things just tend to happen," he says. "I just hope that they never happen to me again and I hope that they never happen to you."

At the end of the video, Grebner encourages viewers to join the NRA "to protect our rights."

WATCH: Video contains explicit language.

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