Man Dies After Being Pushed In Front Of New York City Subway Train

Police are calling the fatal shoving an “unprovoked attack."

A man has been charged with murder after he shoved a person in front of a New York subway train Monday evening, authorities said Tuesday, according to NBC and other media reports.

Carlton McPherson, 24, was arrested at a busy East Harlem subway station around 9 p.m. following the attack, the Independent reports.

Following a preliminary investigation, police said the incident appeared to be an “unprovoked attack.”

According to officials, McPherson has a history of mental illness and has been arrested over violent charges multiple times in the past, ABC7 reports.

The victim, who was hit by an oncoming train after being pushed as the train was entering the station, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to authorities. The NYPD identified the victim as 53-year-old Jason Volz, ABC7 reports.

The New York Police Department didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

This fatal incident reportedly took place the same day the New York City Police Department announced its plans to ramp up security within the subway system, NBC News reports.

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