'Man Shower': Twitterers React To Possible New Trend For Grooms

It's no secret that brides receive a lot of attention during the wedding planning process.

But let's be honest: Grooms often get overlooked in the flurry of wedding dress shopping excursions and elaborate girls-only bridal showers. If a wedding is an equal union between two people, why shouldn't the groom partake in the excitement and festivities, too?

That's why idea of a "man shower" -- the male equivalent of the bridal shower -- has emerged in recent years. These showers give friends and family the opportunity to celebrate with the groom and shower him with (often stereotypically masculine) gifts that he might appreciate for married life, such as tools and gadgets.

For many in the wedding industry, "man showers" aren't a surprise. "[Grooms are] saying, I've been doing all this work. Here's my opportunity to have some fun," Summer Krecke, executive editor of WeddingChannel.com, told MSNBC in 2008. “They're wising up to the fact that there are gifts involved."

According to Krecke, the parties are a natural progression of the grooms' increased involvement in wedding planning -- and stores are taking note. In 2006, Lowe's Home Improvement launched an online wedding registry -- a sign that "man showers" might be on the rise.

We wanted to find out what you think of "man showers," so we polled our Twitter followers to get some answers.

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