Man Skis On All Fours In The Weirdest Display Of Athleticism Ever

Step 1: Put skis all over body. Step 2: Dominate.

Jean-Yves Blondeau -- aka the "Rollerman" -- is best known for his 32-wheeled, transformer-like rollerblading suit.

But the French inventor has also figured out a way to bring his bizarre athletic ability to the slopes.

He calls his new creation the "buggy ski," and it's just about the strangest way to descend a snow-covered mountain we've ever seen.

Blondeau's winter suit is covered in a series of skis, allowing him to cruise the snow on his feet, knees, stomach, back, hands, and every combination in between. He makes it look so stylish that you'll almost forget how weird it is. Keyword being "almost."

Below, watch the Ironman of winter sports dominate the slopes.

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