Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

Something huge and historic has been lost amidst all of the mudslinging and negativity of this unprecedented election cycle: we're on the verge of electing the first woman president of the United States!

As the father of two millennial daughters and the uncle of four millennial nieces, I'm particularly excited about what this means for them, their friends and our country. And to channel that excitement, I joined together with some friends to create a series of three music videos, the first of which we're releasing today via our Patriotic Artists & Creatives PAC ( celebrating this remarkable milestone (which of course will only happen if people actually go out and vote for Hillary!)

We're all feeling pretty exhausted and anxious from the unending onslaught of depressing attack ads. So we decided to create something upbeat and positive to counter that negativity and showcase the amazing achievements of women in U.S. and the world.

Because truly strong men respect and admire strong women and treat them with the dignity they deserve - and they should be celebrated for all that they are. This song was originally written as a calypso song in 1936 and the message is even truer today than it was then; men are smart, but the women are smarter (that's right!)

Please share our music video to all of your friends, relatives and co-workers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your other social media so we can get our message out as far and wide and generate some positive vibes over the next two weeks going into Election Day!

Producer/Creative Director: Fred Goldring/ IncuBrand, Beverly Hills, CA
Video Editing House: General Editorial, Santa Monica, CA
Editor: Zen Rosenthal
Executive Producer: Robert Parker
Creative Director: Robert Parker
Master Recording
Performed by Dawes and Friends
Lead vocal and guitar: Taylor Goldsmith
Drums and percussion: Griffin Goldsmith
Bass and warbling: Wylie Gelber
Hammond B3 organ: Lee Pardini
Upright piano: Jai Winding
Background vocals: Taylor Goldsmith, Griffin Goldsmith, Wylie Gelber, Lee Pardini, Jai Winding & Fred Goldring
Produced by Tony Berg
Engineered and Mixed by Bob Clearmountain
Recorded at Apogee Studios, Santa Monica, CA on October 19, 2016
Music and Lyrics by D. Kleiber ©1936 Chesdel Music Co.(BMI)
Musical composition licensed from BMG Music Publishing