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Man Stabbed To Death In Russia For Saying Poetry Is Not Real Literature: Cops

A Russian teacher stabbed his friend,
(According to the courts)
Because the man disparaged
Poems, RIA reports.

It started as a friendly chat
Last week, in the Urals.
The men were drunk, discussing books
Just gabbing like old pals.

The conversation went awry,
Though, when the topic turned
To verse, and with the friend's bold claims
The teacher's temper burned.

When his buddy swore the only
"Real literature is prose,"
The teacher couldn't handle it
And finally, he chose

To grab a knife (allegedly)
And stab the guy to death.
Police say that he fled the scene
Upon the man's last breath.

They caught him, though, days later, and
He's charged with murder now.
He might get 15 years, but what
Is really wild, is how

This stabbing's not the first time that
Some Russian blood's been spilled
For nerdy reasons. A debate
On Kant got someone killed.

Donald Crump

Anger Management

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