Man 'Just Stabbed A Dog With A Sword' In Cemetery (911 AUDIO)

A North Carolina man is accused of stabbing his pet Husky to death with a sword.

In a 911 audio recording first obtained by ABC 11, an unidentified man calls police to report 47-year-old Douglas Hagler allegedly stabbing a dog to death with a sword at a cemetery just outside of Raleigh.

"What are you doing to this dog?" the man can be heard yelling at Hagler last Saturday, as he was reporting the incident to a 911 operator. In the background, a dog can be heard helplessly yelping.


The caller remains calm throughout the ordeal, giving the operator clear instructions to the suspect's location and his appearance.

"Everyone in the neighborhood came running when we heard the screaming," the caller says, noting that Hagler's sword is covered in blood.

"[Hagler] kept saying ‘that dog’s a killer,’ that’s all he was saying,” the caller says.

Susan Moran, spokeswoman for the town of Cary, told the News Observer that the animal was a 13-month-old Husky named Koda, and was tied to a tree while it was stabbed.

Hagler was arrested and charged with one count of animal cruelty, according to the Associated Press. The suspect was released after posting bond.