Man Stuck In Drain Said Gang Members Attacked Him In Ceres, Calif. (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Down (The Drain)

A man trapped headfirst in a California storm drain has come out of the dank darkness and is tearing at police for snapping photos of his legs protruding from the sewer instead of giving him proper medical treatment.

Jared Medeiros, 21, claims that he got wedged in the manhole in Ceres after four gang members beat him up and threw his cellphone into the drain, KXTV said. He tried to retrieve the phone to call for help, but instead got stuck, the station reported.

So a bloodied and bruised Medeiros was outraged at initials reports in the media from police that said he got snared while trying to pick up belongings he drunkenly dropped in the hole.

It also rubbed Medeiros the wrong way that authorities released his picture to the press with his legs flailing from the sewer when he was the victim of an alleged attack.

"I don't understand why Ceres Police would sit there and take pictures," Medeiros told CBS13. "That kind of pisses me off."

But police claim that Medeiros refused medical attention at the scene early Thursday morning and hasn't reported any crime, CBS13 reported.

Police were also able to retrieve some his keys and some cash.

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