Man Filmed Swimming With Pet Snake Now Under Animal Cruelty Probe

"We're just having a play," the snake owner said.

An Australian man is reportedly being investigated for animal cruelty after he was filmed swimming with his pet python at a popular beach.

With a bottle of beer raised above his head, the bather repeatedly tossed the snake into Queensland’s Tallebudgera Creek and then watched as it swam back to him.

There's currently a bloke down here drinking a VB tally and chucking his pet snake around. Amazing

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At one point he was even seen kissing the animal -- pressing his lips to the snake's face.

Brisbane musician, Indiana Bones, filmed the bizarre scene and uploaded it to Instagram Sunday. He told Yahoo News that he was "impressed."

"We thought we were rock 'n' roll, spending the day on the beach, but this guy was drinking a beer, with his snake out in public," he said. 

The man, who at one point was seen kissing the snake, has called his pet "the love of my life."
The man, who at one point was seen kissing the snake, has called his pet "the love of my life."

Not everyone thought it was so cool, however.

On Tuesday, Australia's Department of Heritage Protection contacted police over concerns of the snake's treatment, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, reached by the paper, also slammed the snake's tossing as “outrageous” and “disturbing."

They argued with suggestions that the snake is swimming back to the man out of affection. Instead, they say it was doing this because it wanted out of the water. 

The snake owner, identified as Steven Brimelow, has denied he has caused his pet carpet python any distress.

"We're just having a play," the 35-year-old told the paper of his snake, named Dora. "She's never bitten me -- she's the love of my life."

Carpet pythons are non-venomous snakes and one of the largest and most well-known snakes in Australia, mostly because of them being kept as pets, according to the Northern Territory's Parks and Wildlife Commission.